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What is the PC Pilots Crew?

We are a clan and community for videogame piloting.We also have a team build of some of the best pilots around the globe. We have our origin from GTA V. Not a piloting game you might say? Yes, not entirely but definitely the game with the most variety on physics and ways to fight and do stunts. Multiple thousands of members have been part of our crew, solely on GTA V, over the years. Beside Grand Theft Auto we have War Thunder and Battlefield V as our main games. As a casual addition to that, we play Sky Knights, a 2 1/2D piloting indie game you should check out! Players from other piloting games are also gladly welcome to join our crew. We plan to add more main games to our crew over the time.

The PC Pilots Crew has a big focus on creating videos and other content for YouTube and Instagram. You can watch our recent videos on our website! We have our own YouTube-Team that features some of the best GTA V and War Thunder players in the world! Our crew and content has been featured by Rockstar Games so often, we actually lost track of it.

Our community is very well organized. Our discord server is supported by our ambitious staff members and even three custom made bots!


Why you should become a PC Pilot

General Benefits:

• Long Term Project:
Our Clan is existing for soon 4 years and will continue long after!

• Well organized Discord:
We have three custom coded bots on our server, dedicated Staff Members, rewards, plenty of roles and keep on improving our server with member feedback.

• Real Pilots:
We have many real life pilots on our server. Commercial, hobby and military pilots have their own chat in which they can talk about aviation.

• Ranking System:
Our ranking system benefits our best and/or most active players with certain roles and other rewards such as custom logos.

• Ace Pilots:
We have many of the top pilots from various piloting games on our server. Learn from the best!

Grand Theft Auto V:

• Reputation:
We are the most successful GTA V crew on YouTube and have been featured by Rockstar Games over 10 times.

• Best Pilots:
Our crew has the best GTA V PC pilots on YouTube and most of the best in general.

• Tryhard and Hacker Free:
Tryhards and hackers have neither a place in our community, crew nor our game sessions.

• Training Sessions:
Weekly training sessions and other events hosted by our top pilots ensure improvements in playing for our members.

• Custom Game Modes and Jobs:
We have a great number of custom game modes and piloting jobs which are extremely fun to play and offer a wide variety of gameplay.


• The Platoon for Pilots:
Our Platoon is dedicated to pilots but is open for infantry as well which we also have many skilled players from.

• Own BF Server:
As soon as the rent a server service starts we will get one for our crew which will focus on aerial combat. We will setup better spawn rates for aircraft and only play maps with planes.

War Thunder:

• Squadron:
We have our own squadron in War Thunder which is open to join for our members.

• Ace Pilots:
Our crew features some of the best War Thunder Montage Creators and players on the planet.


Games we Play




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