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Table of Content

I. Dodge the Jet

II. Rotorball (Will be added later)

III. Survive the Jet (Will be added later)

I. Dodge the Jet

Dodge the Jet is the often copied gamemode, created by H8mEx. DTJ is our most played custom game within our crew and merges skill with a lot of laughter.

Dodge the Jet is a lot of fun to play and through the years we have added many different versions/maps of the game. You can see gameplay of our “Senora Version” on the left which has a way bigger platform than the original map (Maze Bank Helipad) or the standart map (custom platform on the Maze Bank).

Recommended Settings:

Time: Day

Weather: Clear

Sudden Death (Optional for unlimited playtime)

The Goal of the Game:

Get and stay on the platform/Maze Bank as long as possible and destroy the enemy jets. The team with the most kills wins!

Turn #1: The Beginning Turn:

Both teams try to get as fast as possible on the target platform (for example Maze Bank Helipad). Whoever hits the ground with their body first earns the right for their team to be on the Maze Bank which leads to the main turns #2 and #3. When two players of opposing teams land in the exact same moment they need to do a 1v1 on the maze bank. They need to discuss which weapon they use and give a countdown first! If a player just starts to shoot his team loses the right to be in the Maze Bank!
The winner of the 1v1 earns the right for his team to be on the target platform.

Turn #2: Jet Dodging:

The team that is allowed to be on the target platform needs to dodge the enemy teams jets. They are also allowed to destroy them. If a player dies he’s allowed to try landing again, as long there is a team member on the target platform! If somebody jumped out of the jet before the rest of the team is cleared of he can still keep on going and land on it. If he fails the turns obviously switch.

Turn #3: Roadkilling:

The other team trys to roadkill the players that are on the Maze Bank Helipad. Explosion kills are not allowed and the landing gear has to be in! If the whole team is cleared of the Helipad the turns #2 and #3 switch for the teams.

Switching the turns:

When the roadkillers cleared everybody off the platfrom they become the jet dodgers! They need to jump out of their jets and land on the platfrom. While they are in mid – air(free fall or parachuting) they can already be hit by the new roadkilling team! Jet to jet crashes are not allowed! If the whole team fails to land on the platfrom the turns switch again. If the jet dodger team gets killed by a jet explosion they are allowed to try to get on the Maze Bank again (Disclaimer: Not if the explosion is caused by themselves)!

Previously explained rules summarized and more Rules:

1. Stay away from the staircase when you are in the jet dodging turn! (Original/Old Map only!)

2. If there is debris on the platfrom you need to get rid of it (RPG/Sticky Bombs)(Jet dodger turn)

3. If you land on the second level you have to go up the stairs immediately (Original/Old Map only!)

4. Landing gear is not allowed while trying to roadkill players!

5. Players on the maze bank have to stay away from the staircase! (Original/Old Map only!)

6. Explosion kills of the roadkillers don’t count and the people who died from the jet dodger team have another try to get on the platform.

7. If there is still a team member on the helipad you are allowed to get back on it as well if you can!

8. If you jumped out of the jet before your team got cleared of the Maze Bank it still counts as being on the Maze Bank as long as you don’t die or fall off.

9. No jet to jet crashing!

10. Planting sticky bombs on the floor or shooting RPGs at the floor of the helipad is not allowed!

11. Jumping down to the second floor on purpose is not allowed! (Original/Old Map only!)

12. To fly very high up just to extend the free fall time is prohibited.

How to set up a capture for Dodge the Jet:

Bookmark the map here for PC