DCS Squadron Recruitment – Looking for Wingmen?

Digital Combat Simulator

The PCPI DCS Squadron

The PC Pilots Crew is a gaming community/group of players for digital aviation games. We are most commonly known for our performances on GTA V PC on YouTube, but play many many more games such as War Thunder, Flight Simulator and more. Each game has an own squadron with an individual leader.

Our DCS Squadron was started in early 2020. We mainly are a F-16 and F/A-18 Squadron. It is planned to add more aircraft to the official list later, once we get competent tutors who can teach the modules.

The DCS squadron recruitment is very open for a big amount of different players. Our core group of best players will always focus on PvP and highly competitive performances. Nevertheless we also accept newer players in our ranks. Our minimum requirements to join the squadron are very low. If you do not have the skills yet, you are nevertheless welcome to join our Discord server. We can help you learn.

If you are looking for wingmen for DCS, PCPI is the right place for you if you either looking for very skilled PvP players or simply a fun group to fly with. Our activities range from PvE missions, to YouTube videos and Livestreams to hardcore PvP engagements.

We are recruiting pilots from all over the world. English speaking is required to communicate. Our members age ranges between 16 and 30+. Most of our members are out of school and living their lifes. That’s why we do not have the requirement to join our events and trainings regularly. Everything is optional.

Sign up as a new recruit or join as a guest:

What makes PCPI, beside the members, so great?

  1. Own highspeed custom DCS Server
  2. Skilled but also nice and welcoming environment
  3. Custom Coded Discord Bot
  4. Smaller group within a big group of pilots
  5. Weekly events and trainings
  6. Over 10.000 Subscribers on YouTube
  7. Many different activities
  8. … and a lot more…

How to join our DCS Squadron

If you want to be part of our DCS squadron join our discord server.