Digital Combat Simulator

PC Pilots Crew | Videogame Piloting Community and Clan


Many members of PCPI are real pilots and/or very experienced sim players. Nevertheless, every new player is welcome; no matter the experience! Since new DCS modules (planes/jets) are expensive we try to have matching jets for our members. We focus on, but don’t demand, US jets. As a beginner we strongly recommend buying the F-15, which is cheap (non-clickable cockpit) but lets you participate in nearly all our missions.

Our Activities:

Once a week, at a certain time (check discord) we meet for a big mission. These missions will commonly be posted on YouTube. Most of our missions will be part of a longer campaign and focus on PvE gameplay. Some of our missions will also be PvP. We try, as often as possible, to include little trainings before our missions, so that newer players can participate. Our planned sessions are usually hosted each Saturday at 6pm GMT/1pm EST/10am PST.

How to join our DCS Squadron

If you want to be part of our DCS squadron join our discord server as a member and apply for our DCS steam group.


Steam Group