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To create a great experience we put a lot of effort to make our discord server as good as we can.
Please make sure to read our Discord Server Rules.

You can simply join our server by clicking here.

How does Discord work?

On the left side you see all the different text and voice channels. In the middle you see the conversation of your currently selected text channel. On the right you see the players that are online in this moment. On the top of the right side you see our staff members and the YouTube Team. If you have questions to a certain player on the server you can mention them. This will notify the player that you want to talk to him. You simply can do that by writing ‘@’ and then the username. For example @_Gaussianer_.

We also have our own coded AIs on the server; our bots.


Owner and Leader (Tier 1):

@Owner [Don’t PM] – The Owner and founder of our crew @H8mEx#0571

@Leader – The Leader of our crew @Gaussianer#6692

YouTube-Team and Staff (Tier 2):

@YouTube Team – Our best players that represent our crew on YouTube and other platforms

@STAFF – The management that keeps the crew running.

Officers and Patrons (Tier 3):

@Officers – Players that ranked enough in our crew to become 2nd Lieutenant or higher

@AirSupport – Our Patrons that support us on Patreon

Muscles, Representative and Elites (Tier 4):

@PCPI Elite – Worldclass Players in our crew

@PCPI Representative – Active members who have been approved to represent our crew in GTA Online and other games.

@Members – Our basic members (Muscles)

Recruits and Guests (Tier 5):

@Crew Recruits – Players that joined our crew and haven’t been promoted to full members yet

@VIP Guests – People from partnered communities

@Guests – Players that joined our Discord Server without being a part of the crew.

Each of the roles will be assigned by our @Moderators , @Leader and @Owner [Don’t PM] .

Our Bots

Our bots are not online 24/7! Search for @P-996 Lazer#3905 , @H-27 Hydra#9237 and @N230MP Buzzard#5194 on the right side.

@P-996 Lazer#3905 – Assigns roles automatically to new members on our server, gives out demanded info and has some very fancy commands.

@H-27 Hydra#9237 – Music Bot in development.

@N230MP Buzzard#5194 – Assigns ranks to our members on the server. (Beta Build)

You can get a list of available commands by typing /help in the botspam chat.