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DCS Squadron: Weekly Saturday Meet

1800 Zulu (6pm UTC)

The Saturday Meet is a regular time for our squadron members to come online, practice or go on a flight with other members. This is an addition to the weekly squadron training on Sunday; not a replacement. Sometimes, if the Sunday Squadron Training is not possible, we will replace the Saturday Meet with the Sunday Training.
The main purpose of this event is to have a regular time where every member can organize towards. Even if there is no squadron leader or tutor available you can meet up and practice with your fellow crew or squadron members. Unlike the squadron training on sundays, this event is joinable for normal crew members and recruits too.

If you are available for the event, please let the others know in the text chat, or by simply joining the voice chat.

If no squadron leader or tutor is online. The person with the highest squadron rank ist the flight lead. If two or more have the same squadron rank, the crew ranking decides who is the flight lead. Be aware that the flight lead is always the final decision maker.

For practicing, please check out and host our official training missions:

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Apr 17 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm