Grand Theft Auto V

About the Game

I doubt we need to explain anybody what Grand Theft Auto is. More importantly we should tell you what GTA means to us. Many people don’t know that GTA has a very hardcore piloting scene since 2008 starting with Grand Theft Auto IV. Piloting Clans for GTA existed even already on GTA:San Andreas with its third party multiplayer mod. The variety of different vehicles and game mechanics makes the game equally fun and challenging. If you watch some of our videos you will understand what we mean.

Beside the many vehicles and spectacular flying physics the game offers a lot of options to customize the playing experience even more with its creator mode. That would already be cool enough but we can also create awesome videos with the built in Rockstar Editor.


Our crew is existent since the very beginnind of GTA V PC in 2015. Many of our members even started with the console versions in 2013. Some of our members are a part of the piloting community for even longer. The owner of the crew, H8mEx, played every GTA relase so far and was a part of the community from the very part until today.