What is the PC Pilots Crew?

We are a community for videogame piloting on PC and feature different divisions (“squadrons”) for arcade games and simulations. Our main games are DCS, GTA V, War Thunder and Flight Simulator. We have a strong presence on social media and are most commonly known for our performances on GTA V. No other game gives so much freedom on how to fly. Most high end piloting techniques were created by PCPI. Our other squadrons are not to understimate either. No matter which squadron you join, you will find skilled players to fly with. Even though our squadrons feature many skilled players, new players are always welcome to learn. We let everybody, who values fair play and is kind, join our ranks; no matter the skill level. Some of our squadrons may have tests to become an official member though. But you have all the time in the world to learn.

As said, the PC Pilots Crew has a big focus on creating videos. You can watch many of our videos on our website! We have our own YouTube-Team that features some of the best videogame pilots in the world! Our crew and content has been featured by Rockstar Games and other developers so often, we actually lost track of it.

Our community is very well organized. Our discord server is supported by our ambitious staff members and even a custom made bot!