What is the PC Pilots Crew?

We are a clan and community for videogame piloting.We also have a team build of some of the best pilots around the globe. We have our origin from GTA V. Not a piloting game you might say? Yes, not entirely but definitely the game with the most variety on physics and ways to fight and do stunts. Multiple thousands of members have been part of our crew, solely on GTA V, over the years. Beside Grand Theft Auto we play War Thunder, DCS, Flight Simulator 2020, Battlefield and more!

The PC Pilots Crew has a big focus on creating videos and other content for YouTube and Instagram. You can watch our recent videos on our website! We have our own YouTube-Team that features some of the best GTA V and War Thunder players in the world! Our crew and content has been featured by Rockstar Games so often, we actually lost track of it.

Our community is very well organized. Our discord server is supported by our ambitious staff members and even three custom made bots!