Join our Crew

PC Pilots Crew | Videogame Piloting Community and Clan

How to join

Joining our crew looks complicated, but is actually very simple. The first thing you must do is to join our Discord Server. You can join our discord server by clicking here.

After connecting to our discord server you will be in the so called #hangar chat which automatically manages new visitors for us. You will see instructions on what to do next directly in the text chat.

After you finished signing up you will have access to most of our text and voice channels. You can apply to any of our squadrons (DCS, GTA, WT, AC) directly in the hangar chat. In case you did not do that and/or you want to apply to additional squadrons you can visit #access-squadron-chats on the discord to join other squadrons.

However, you start as a crew recruit, which means that you will have to rank up in order to become a full member, which is very easy. Visit our “Ranking System Page” for more info on how to rank up. If you do not become a full member within 15 days you will be removed off the crew on socialclub (or similiar game service) and moved to the guest section on the server.

The First Steps as a Recruit

We are happy to welcome you as a new recruit!
Please make sure to go trough the following points!

1. Read through #welcome chat on our discord server!

2. Check if you joined the third party squadron management systems like Rockstar Games Socialclub, War Thunder Squadrons or Steam Group. If not, message our moderators. They will help you!

3. Make sure that you are in the correct server section (Guests and Members). If not, contact our Moderators (@Moderators).