Flight Simulator 2020

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PCPI on Flight Simulator 2020

The PC Pilots Crew is a place for digital pilots. This goes for arcade flying games like Ace Combat but definitely as well for Simulators like MFS2020 and DCS. That’s why we started our MFS Squadron day one on release day and planned it long before. You can expect educative and/or exciting events nearly every week. Learn from real life pilots and join a crew that is welcoming and friendly. PCPI is known for insane content on YouTube and Social Media. This is why we will also create amazing videos on MFS2020 for YouTube. Do you want to become part of our family and make the sky your home? Then join our Discord Server to get started!

Our Activities and Events:

  • Educative Training Sessions (1 on 1 or Group)
  • Free Flights
  • Planned Flights (VFR and IFR Rules)
  • Tag (Playing Catch)
  • Exploration/ Back-Country Flying/ Bush Flying
  • In-Game-Challenges
  • Formation Flying
  • And more…