Ranking System

PC Pilots Crew | Videogame Piloting Community and Clan

General Crew Ranking

Our crew ranking system is our automated masterpiece to promote our members on our discord server. The more active, valueable and good you are the more you rank up. By ranking up you gain many advantages in our crew (listed below). In order to rank up you need to gain XP. The XP is distributed automatically by our bots and manually by our moderators.

Check out our XP Challenges to rank up very fast!

Squadron Ranking

The squadron ranking is an individual system which ranks our members by skill, abilities and knowledge for a certain game.

After you joined as a full member (not crew recruit anymore) you can progress through the following ranks:

• Newcomer (default rank)(Dark Blue on Discord)
• Novice Member (Bright Blue on Discord)
• Expert Member (Bright Green on Discord)
• Elite Member (Green on Discord)

To rank up you need to either be recommended by a higher ranked member and/or pass certain XP challenges. Check out our XP Challenges. Here you can find trial challenges which qualify you for higher ranks.

Ways to earn XP

Action XP
Be active on our Discord Server Depends on activity
Completing Challenges Up to 10.000 XP
Post a picture for Instagram that will be used 500 XP
Post a video for Instagram that will be used 1.000 XP
Recruit a new crew member 500 XP
Sign up on our website and edit your profile. 250 XP
Fill out our crew survey. 250 XP
Make a suggestion in #suggestions, which will be approved 500 XP
Post a War Thunder Plane Skin in PCPI Style, which will be used on the Website. 1000 – 5000 XP
Become a Patron on Patreon 2000 – 15.000 XP

List of Ranks

Abbreviation Emblem Rank XP Additional Rewards
none Airman Basic 0 none
[Amn] Airman 720 Official Crew Member Status
[A1C] Airman 1st Class 1920 none
[SrA] Senior Airman 3600 none
[SSgt] Staff Sergeant 5700 none
[TSgt] Technical Sergeant 7920 none
[MSgt] Master Sergeant 12000 Custom PCPI logo
[MSgt] First Master Sergeant 15000 none
[SMSgt] Senior Master Sergeant 18000 none
[SMSgt] First Senior Master Sergeant 21000 none
[CMSgt] Chief Master Sergeant 27000 none
[CMSgt] First Chief Master Sergeant 33000 none
[CCM] Command Chief Master Sergeant 39000 none
[CMSPF] Chief Master Sergeant of the PC Pilots Forces 45000 none
[2ndLT] 2nd Lieutenant 54000 Access to our #officers_chat, Silver Team Logo
[1stLT] 1st Lieutenant 60000 none
[Capt] Captain 66000 none
[Maj] Major 78000 none
[LtCol] Lieutenant Colonel 96000 Golden Team Logo
[Col] Colonel n/a Youtube Team Logo (Custom Colour)
[BrigGen] Brigadier General n/a none
[MajGen] Major General n/a none
[LtGen] Lieutenant General n/a none
[Gen] General Leader Only none
[GoPF] General of the PC Pilots Forces Owner Only none