Ranking System

What you need to know

Our ranking system is our automated masterpiece to promote our members on our discord server. The more active, valueable and good you are the more you rank up. By ranking up you gain many advantages in our crew (listed below). In order to rank up you need to gain XP. With each rank you receive the matching emblem for your rank from one of our bots on discord as a picture to use on your discord profile. Check out our XP Challenges to rank up very fast!

Ways to earn XP

Be active on our Discord ServerDepends on activity
Completing ChallengesUp to 10.000 XP
Post a picture for Instagram in #media that will be used500 XP
Post a video for Instagram in #media that will be used1.000 XP
Recruit a new crew member500 XP
Take part in our leaderboards500 XP + XP Multiplier (Depending on rank)

List of Ranks

AbbreviationEmblemRankXPAdditional Rewards
noneAirman Basic0none
[Amn]Airman720Official Crew Member Status
[A1C]Airman 1st Class1920none
[SrA]Senior Airman3600none
[SSgt]Staff Sergeant5700none
[TSgt]Technical Sergeant7920none
[MSgt]Master Sergeant12000Custom PCPI logo
[MSgt]First Master Sergeant15000none
[SMSgt]Senior Master Sergeant18000none
[SMSgt]First Senior Master Sergeant21000none
[CMSgt]Chief Master Sergeant27000none
[CMSgt]First Chief Master Sergeant33000none
[CCM]Command Chief Master Sergeant39000none
[CMSPF]Chief Master Sergeant of the PC Pilots Forces45000none
[2ndLT]2nd Lieutenant54000Access to our #officers_chat, Silver Team Logo
[1stLT]1st Lieutenant60000none
[LtCol]Lieutenant Colonel96000Golden Team Logo
[Col]Coloneln/aYoutube Team Logo (Custom Colour)
[BrigGen]Brigadier Generaln/anone
[MajGen]Major Generaln/anone
[LtGen]Lieutenant Generaln/anone
[Gen]GeneralLeader Onlynone
[GoPF]General of the PC Pilots ForcesOwner Onlynone