Rules and Guidelines

I. Guidelines

1. There is nothing more important to us than fair play! You are representing our crew as a member. Please consider your actions!

2. We are a community based on skilled players. Please offer your help to beginners and mediocre players. They also want to become better and not to be blamed. You also started at some point!

3. Be kind! We don’t make necklaces out of flowers and hug each other in the moonlight; we are a community based on combat games! But yet, we apreciate friendly behavior. Banter is completely okay, and also apreciated, but keep in mind that some stuff might be taken seriously!

II. General Rules

1. Offensive and/or insulting language between members is prohibited. Banter is okay. But toxic behaviour towards crew members/friendly players can result in SERIOUS actions against you. That also goes for racism!

2. You are not allowed to modify our logos and other content without our permission.

3. Only upload 1v1s to your YouTube channel if the other persons gives you permission to do so.

4. We do not support modding and cheating! The only exception for modding is in private! If you use cheats, mods, or hacks in public game sessions we will ban you immediately!

III. Discord Server:

1. Make sure your Socialclub profile is set to public (friends, crews and game stats) when you join our discord server for recruitment inspection. Once you have “Pending inspection” role removed and have joined the crew via Socialclub invite then you are allowd to set your Socialclub profile visiblity to “Friends and crew” or leave it on public. Also use your correct Socialclub ID (for GTA) or ingame name as the name on our server. If your name is not correct or if you renamed, use `/support` to contact our Moderators.

2. Our discord server is international. That is why we are speaking ENGLISH! Feel free to speak in your native language in private with your friends but NOT IN TEXT CHAT or while other people are in the voice chat.

3. Be sure to use the correct text channels. Use the bot commands in #botspam, challenge other players to dogfights in the #dogfight_hub, get pilots together in #lfg and talk to the whole crew in #general_chat.

4. Don’t spam and/or promote any third party projects like your YouTube Channel and such. If you would like to arrange a partnership or if you want to get featured contact _Gaussianer_.

5. Use `/support` to contact our staff for any help and use `/help` command in #botspam to get list of all bot commands.

6. NSFW/18+ content is prohibited.

IV. Grand Theft Auto:

1. No CREWKILLING in public freemodes (Except for doing a 1v1 DM)!
PCPI only servers don’t count as public.

2. No Tryharding! Tryhards ruin GTA:Online even more than most hackers. Tryhards are players who exploit the game with it’s overpowered freemode exploits like; BST (Bull Shark Testosterone), EWO (Easy Way Outing), BP Helmets, Off the radar looping, Passive popping, reload glitch and noob weapons (Marksman Rifle, Minigun, RPG on Foot, Homing Launcher). We will also ban you instantly if we see you in a tryhard crew. (it does not matter if active or not).

3. Explosive Rounds and other overpowered weapons (see above) are not allowed in competitive environment (e.g. deathmatches or public freemode)! You are only allowed to use them in PvE modes (e.g Heist/Contact missions).

4. Attacking players while they are doing freemode businesses can result in action against you.

V. War Thunder:

1. No TEAMKILLING (Unless it’s reasonable)!

2. Do not shoot at planes that have already been shot down.

3. No Kill stealing! If an enemy is going down, we do not steal it from someone.

VI. Battlefield V:

1. Do NOT bail out of your plane or crash it intentionally because you are about to get killed by an enemy plane!

2. Do not camp with any tank (especially AA tank) outside of the opponents playable area!

3. Play the objective! Our YouTube-Team members who must hit clips for our videos, does not necessarily have to.