War Thunder

PC Pilots Crew | Videogame Piloting Community and Clan

PCPI in War Thunder

PCPI in War Thunder

Due to our activity on YouTube we gained some players for our community who are worldclass players. Beside GTA, we also produce War Thunder videos.

The War Thunder Squadron

Our Squadron is called “PC Pilots Crew”. The requirements to join are pretty simple. You need to be accepted as a crew member (rank up to Airman on our Discord Server). Then you just need to send a request to join in War Thunder (Community -> Squadrons -> Find Squadron -> Search for “PC Pilots Crew”). We will verify your identity and then accept your application. If you have a different nickname on WT than in our discord server make sure to notify us or even better change it.

Squadron Leader is VegasWPS, Officer rank will be granted to all officers in our crew ranking system (2ndLT and higher), Sergeant rank is granted to all of our official WT YouTube-Team members. The rest of the squadron members are private rank.