General Benefits:

• Long Term Project:
Our Clan is existing since 2015 and will continue to live on!

• Well organized Discord:
We have three custom coded bots on our server, dedicated Staff Members, rewards, plenty of roles and keep on improving our server with member feedback.

• Real Pilots:
We have many real life pilots on our server. Commercial, hobby and military pilots have their own chat in which they can talk about aviation.

• Ranking System:
Our ranking system benefits our best and/or most active players with certain roles and other rewards such as custom logos.

• Ace Pilots:
We have many of the top pilots from various piloting games on our server. Learn from the best!

Grand Theft Auto V:

• Reputation:
We are the most successful GTA Piloting crew on YouTube and have been featured by Rockstar Games over 10 times.

• Best Pilots:
Our crew has the best GTA V PC Pilots on YouTube.

• Tryhard and Hacker Free:
Tryhards and hackers have neither a place in our community, crew nor our game sessions.

• Training Sessions:
Weekly training sessions and other events hosted by our top pilots ensure improvements in playing for our members.

• Custom Game Modes and Jobs:
We have a great number of custom game modes and piloting jobs which are extremely fun to play and offer a wide variety of gameplay.


• Weekly Events and Training:
Our DCS Squadron welcomes the most hardcore sim players but also newcomers! We have weekly flying events!

• Learn to play from the pros:
Since we have real pilots and very experienced sim players in our crew, you can learn to fly a plane realisticaly in a short amount of time!

War Thunder:

• Squadron:
We have our own squadron in War Thunder which is open to join for our members.

• Ace Pilots:
Our crew features some of the best War Thunder Montage Creators and players on the planet.