XP Challenges

About the XP Challenges

Our XP Challenges are a quick way to rank up within our crew.

GTA V Challenges

All kill challenges have to be executed on non-crew members that are not AFK. Claim your rewards by recording a short clip. You can use shadowplay or any other recording software, upload your clip to YouTube or make a .gif (for example with Gyazo), post it in #media on Discord and notify our moderators.

Good luck and have fun!

A Birdy SurpriseGet a kill with an RPG on military aircraft. Use a Frogger or Maverick.1000 XPExampleKill
Shark AttackGet a Boat Roadkill3000 XPExampleKill
Flying FatassFlying Tank Kill on AircraftJet: 3000 XP, Helicopter: 1000 XPExampleKill
Unwanted DeliveryUse a cargobob to drop a car (or other items) onto a helicopter and blow it up. Sticky Bombs can be used as addition.Kill on a military chopper: 4000 XPExampleKill
Handycapped MonsterGet a one-wing-kill750 XPExampleKill
Boom DeliveryPut a sticky bomb on a bike or car, jump off/out and get a kill.1000 XP on a player on foot, 1500xp on a tank/armored vehicleExampleKill
Merryweather Warehouse StuntFly through the Merryweather Warehouse in a jet without crashing and/or using hydra hover mode.Normal Flight: 750 XP, Backwards Flight: 1500 XPExampleStunt
Titan LookoutLand a Titan on the Maze BankNormal Flight: 750 XP, Backwards Flight: 1750 XPExampleStunt
Surprise Boom BoomKill a hostile player in a jet or helicopter with a sticky bomb.Helicopter: 750 XP, Jet Flight: 1500 XPExampleKill
Jet Reverse KillGet a Reverse Flying Kill on a player in freemodeHelicopter: 750 XPExampleKill
Cargobob Killing MachineStand on the side of a flying cargobob and kill a player in freemode with an RPG.Car/on Foot: 750 XP, Helicopter: 2500 XP, Jet: 6500 XPExampleKill
Oldschool SniperShoot out a pilot with a MusketHelicopter: 1500 XP, Jet: 6500 XPExampleKill
A Grainy spinPerform a backwards flying looping through the gap a the UNION Grain Supply Inc. in Senora.850 XPExampleStunt
HullbreakerDestroy a tank with the guns of a buzzard or annihilatorBuzzard: 1000 XP, Annihilator 2500 XPExampleKill
Handycapped Monster MKIIPerform a one winged backwards flying kill on a player in freemode.6000 XPExampleKill
Kill the Hobo with the DodoGet a kill while crouching on the side of a flying Dodo.Any weapon: 850 XP, Semi-Automatic Pistol: 5000 XPExampleKill
Sparrow VS. EagleTake out a jet with a Buzzard1000 XPExampleKill
Sniper WonderShoot out a pilot with a sniper of a jet or helicopter while you are flying in a helicopter yourself.Helicopter: 850 XP, Jet: 4000 XPExampleKill
Altitude ManagementPerform the stunt that is linked on the right (Example).3500 XPExampleStunt
PerfectionGet a reverse kill with the Molotok main guns in a freemode.10.000 XPExampleKill
Magic RocketsPerform a flare redirect kill in freemode.1000 XPExampleKill
Guardian.. LiterallyTake out a helicopter while standing on the back of a Guardian.1000 XPExampleKill
You can’t hide!Take out a target that is driving through or hiding in a tunnel with a jet while flying through it yourself.4500 XPExampleKill
Speed ControlPerform a stall kill in a jet deathmatch (NO 1v1 DMs).750 XPExampleKill
Can’t touch this!Defend a dying helicopter from rockets using the flare gun.XP depending on execution. 750 – 2000 XPExampleKill
Gentleman Jet PilotShoot out another pilot with non-explosive guns of a jet/plane.1500 XPExampleKill
Mallard RedemptionPerform Roadkills with the Mallard.750 XPExampleKill
Jet SnipeSnipe out a Jet Pilot in Freemode2000 XPExampleKill
Savage MasterTake out a hostile jet in freemode as a Savage Co-Pilot.10.000 XPExampleKill
Buzzard AimbotShoot out a hostile jet pilot with the Buzzard guns in freemode.5000 XPExampleKill
Jet QuadfeedPerform a clean quadfeed in a jet deathmatch. (No splits in the feed)1000 XPExampleKill
Flying GuardianGet a kill while standing on a guardian that is standing on a flying aircraft.4000 XPExampleKill
Havoc Jet KillTake out a jet using a Havoc in freemode.3000 XPExampleKill
Reverse Tank KillTake out a tank in freemode while flying in reverse.1000 XPExampleKill
Reverse Jet KillTake out a jet while flying in reverse.850 XPExampleKill
Go in and outPerform the stunt shown on the right. (Example)3500 XPExampleStunt
Mammatus Killing MachineGet a roadkill in freemode with a Mammatus500 XP, Inverted: 1750 XPExampleKill
Stylish OutsurgeningTake out the Driver and Gunner of an Insurgent in freemode with non explosive rounds in two strafes.5000 XPExampleKill
Forced DanceDestroy a helicopter back rotor with a jet and get the kill.1000 XPExampleKill
Who needs Airports anyways?Perform a backwards precision landing on an antenna.4500 XPExampleStunt
Jet EfficiencyPerform a backwards precision eject on a chimney.6500 XPExampleStunt
How did you get there??Perform the stunt shown on the right. (Example)4000 XPExampleStunt
Hydra Water SplashingPerform the stunt shown on the right. (Example)1250 XPExampleStunt
Buzzard High FiveGet a kill in freemode by hitting a player with the back rotor.1000 XPExampleKill
Buzzard MasterPerform a “Triple Shootout” (Take out the back rotor, main rotor and then shoot the pilot)10.000 XPExampleKill
Jet VandalismFly one-winged in reverse through the gap shown in the video.10.000 XPExampleStunt
Jet ParalympicsLand a one-winged precision landing in reverse.10.000 XPExampleStunt
10 out of 10 Stunt Spot RecyclingFly one winged in reverse through the warehouse.10.000 XPExampleStunt
Is this seat free?Perform the stunt shown in the video.10.000 XPExampleStunt
Showing offPerform the stunt shown in the video.7.500 XPExampleStunt
My Head is spinningPerform the stunt shown in the video.10.000 XPExampleStunt
Cranes are still cool!Perform the stunt shown in the video.10.000 XPExampleStunt
Two Wings are too easyGet a one wing kill against a jet in freemode2000 XPExampleKill
Fear me!Get a one wing reverse kill against a jet in freemode7500 XPExampleKill

War Thunder Challenges

Who needs Guidance?Get the “Unguided Medal” for shooting down any aircraft with a rocket.1000 XPN/AKill
Back To BaseLand on an aircraft carrier with a heavy bomber.5000 XPExampleStunt
SharpshooterGet a Kill from at least 1km away.2000 XPN/AKill
Killing MachineGet 8 Kills in a Realistic Battle/ Get 15 Kills in an Arcade Battle10.000 XPN/AKill
Killstreak!Get a Killstreak x2 in a Realistic Battle/ Get a Killstreak x3 in an Arcade Battle.1000 XPN/AKill
Rank Does Not MatterDestroy two Jet Aircrafts with a Propeller Plane in a Realistc Battle; 5 in Arcade Battle.1000 XPN/AKill
Not Dead YetGet a plane Kill when already shot down.1000 XPN/AKill

Battlefield V Challenges

Who needs Guidance?Shoot down a fighter plane with a fighter missile.1000 XP, 1500 XP for Dumbfire MissilesExampleKill
Dogfight MasterStall out an enemy fighter and kill the pilot within 5 seconds after passing your plane.1500 XP, Missile Kill 2500 XP, Pilot Shootout 7500 XPExampleKill
FirworksTake down an enemy plane with a rocket launcherBomber 500 XP, Fighter 1500 XPExampleKill
Overkill from AboveAchieve an overkill by using a fighter plane.2.500 XPExampleKill
Flying SniperShoot out a pilot off a plane using a fighter.3500 XP, Enemy Fighter not destroyed 7500 XPExampleKill
Bullying the BullyTake out an enemy AA from a similar distance or further like in the example.Stationary 1000 XP, Mobile 1500 XP, AA TANK 5000 XPExampleKill
Novice DogfighterStall out an enemy plane and destroy it.500 XPExampleKill
Getting Rid of FilthTake out a pilot who bails out of his plane.500 XPExampleKill
Dogfight PerfectionStall out an enemy fighter and drop bombs on him. (Spitfire VA or STUKA)10000 XPExampleKill