Joining our YouTube-Team

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Become a part of our YouTube-Team-Family

We continously search for talented players who can contribute to our videos and other content. With a lot of creativity, talent and/or top tier skills you can become part of our team.

YouTube-Team Player Applications

Produce a 2-5 Minute long montage for us or send in 4-6 good clips. The video does not need to have any editing on it. Just put the clips together without music or camera editing. If you don’t know what kind of clips to get watch our Teamtages. Creativity and skill is the key.

Application Requirements:

• Players who want to join the team can play DCS, GTA, War Thunder, Il-2, …. It does not matter, as long as it is a piloting game.

• The applicant should play on PC and not on console! Exceptions for GTA V can be made, but lowers the chance to join the team.

• (GTA V) Use our Crew Outfit for all the clips.

• (GTA V) Stunt Clips > Kill Clips – Make sure to hit new stunts, or at least variants, that have not been hit before.

• Don’t use any clips that have already been in a public video of you or another channel.

• Upload the video unlisted on YouTube and send the link to our moderators on Discord.

• The YouTube Team will rate your audition. We will give you feedback as soon as possible.

YouTube-Team Editor Applications

• Easily send us your best edited video.